John Persons The Pit and Velma

Another fresh week and time for you to see some more superb John Persons scenes. Today we have a real special one to show off to you and we know that you will simply love this one. Mainly because we know, that most of you have had at least one fantasy about this nerdy babe from the popular cartoon series that she’s part of. In case you don’t remember her name let us refresh your memory. She’s Velma Dinkley, the sexy bookworm with glasses and short brown hair that helps solving mysteries. Today we get to watch this amazing little cutie as she gets to have herself in the middle of some black studs that were ready to please her this afternoon.

As they lift up her pullover they get to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra and they got a nice and long look at her simply perfect huge round tits. And after they take off her skirt as well, they pull those panties of hers aside as well, they can see that her pussy was dripping wet as well with excitement at all the attention she was getting this afternoon. One guy got around to eat out her pussy and you can bet that she adore that as well. And meanwhile, the other two offered up their nice and big cocks for some nice sucking as well, as they taught her how to properly suck some cock this afternoon as well. Enjoy and do check out the past scene as well for more JohnPersons scenes like this!


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John Persons The Horny Officers

Hey there and welcome back at John Persons once again guys and gals. Last week we got to see Jenny in action once again and there was quite the action going down with her and the principal. Well today she gets to have some fun with two officers as they dropped by to visit her coach black lover. Well you know that she simply can’t resist well endowed black studs and she was more than happy to get to party hard with them for this fine afternoon in her office. Let’s get to see her taking real good care of her lover’s buddies, or rather the other way around as they have a gift for treating superbly good looking babes like her real good too.


As soon as the JohnPersons scene starts, she has them inside her office and makes sure to lock the door as she doesn’t want anyone to disturb the little get together with them for the fine evening. Sit back and enjoy the view as the guys get around to help the babe undress. One guy from gets to play with her superbly sexy round tits, while the other takes off her sexy dress to reveal her simply amazing silky skin too. And before you know it, the babe is on her back on her own desk and taking a nice and hard style double dicking from two big cocks and moaning loudly in pleasure while it all goes down as well. See you guys soon with more new content!

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Tit Fuck

Well hello there once again and welcome to yet another new John Persons comic update. In this issue we bring you Jenny back as you get to watch her take her time as well with Principal Long this afternoon. The last babe to get a nice and hard dicking from Principal Long was Kitty and now it was time for the mature to take her turn with the man’s hard black cock as well. And you know Jenny is a black cock slut as well as she always enjoys getting down and dirty with a nice and big one without delay too. So let’s watch the action go down in the principal’s office once more as you get to watch this woman getting wild again shall we?

Well she gets to visit the office right after Kitty left, but as you can see, apart from her regular outfit she enjoys wearing a nice and skimpy little white outfit composed of a white top and tight shorts every time she gets to visit mr Long. She knows that the guy just gets so turned on and rock hard as soon as she makes her appearance wearing that and this was such an occasion as well. Sit back and watch her helping him relieve stress by taking his huge black meat between her huge tits and see her stroking his cock with them. She keeps it up until the guy gets to shoot his load all over them too. We hope you liked this JohnPersons scene everyone!


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John Persons The Insane Hood

Well here we are once more. We told you last week that this blonde made somewhat of a habit of visiting her favorite black studs in the back alley. Well this John Persons scene has another new scene to show off with her and we know you will love to see her at play again. This new issue, just like last time, has her taking their cocks for a nice and long ride and enjoying every single minute of this interracial fuck for the evening again. So let’s sit back and get the cameras rolling as we know that you are very very eager to see the cutie at play this afternoon without anymore delays too. So let’s get started and get her JohnPersons show going!


The babe always has an attitude about them every time, but by now they kind of enjoy having fun with her every time, no matter how much of a potty mouth she is, as they can take their time to punish her by pleasing her holes with their big cocks and having her suck onto their hard dicks with her juicy and luscious lips as well. So take your time to see them playing with her nice and big round tits at first as they always like to have fun with her fun bags squeezing and playing with them. Then watch her drop to her knees once more and watch closely as you get to see her sucking and deep throating black cocks for the whole scene!

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Them Hood Sluts

As you know, this John Persons site is home to the best of the best interracial fuck scenes that you can ever hope to see, and today we have another simply incredible interracial fuck scene to show off to you guys without delay. You will remember the blonde stripper babe wearing an all pink tight and sexy outfit that got to have fun with some black studs? well today you get to see her in action once more with the guys as she meets them after getting off work once more. It seems that she just can’t get enough of their hard cocks and they are always happy to please her as much as she wants before she gets back home too.

It all goes pretty much like clockwork every time. She starts to suck off the three guys to get their cocks all nice and hard and quite quickly, she gets really really wet in anticipation of the huge dicks getting to pound her sweet and eager cunt as well. Well watch her go at it again until one guy is ready to slide his cock in her eager pussy and then watch her sweet cunt getting pounded as deep as she can take it while she keeps sucking the other two off as well. By the end of her new JohnPersons scene here, you will get to see the babe simply covered in sticky jizz once more and totally satisfied with the results as well. Have fun as always! For similar content, check out the site and find great hentai sex galleries! See you soon, friends!


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John Persons Slut Teacher

Another fresh week and time to bring you one more new and hot John Persons comic as always. We get to watch a nice and hot little blonde babe that also happens to be a teacher and the university and it seems that she’s always getting cat called by the black students around. Rest assured that she doesn’t mind it one bit as she even got down and dirty with some of them on a few occasions. Her man’s just not doing it for her anymore and she needs her cock badly. So she had to resort to other means. Well rest assured that she likes this even more as all of them are packing huge cocks, which always satisfy her completely too.


Well today she was in for quite a surprise as she was getting to go start the classes. She got cat calling again, but this time she didn’t even get to go somewhere private. You see, she was super horny and the guys figured it out quite fast. They knew they had her in the palm of their hands as she was practically begging for sexual release. So sit back and watch them go at it right outside of the building today. Watch the babe moaning in pleasure as the guys get to touch her all over her body in the right spots and making her feel like she’ll go crazy. Enjoy this sexy teacher’s superb John Persons scene and see you guys next time!


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John Persons Sexy Carrie

Welcome back this week to one new and hot John Persons gallery as always everyone. This week we have another new scene with one simply superb blonde that gets to show off her superb body to you and some black studs as well and you can bet that things got interesting real fast as well. There was his beauty pageant and well she got to compete as well. Rest assured that she had no competition as there was just guys judging it and as you can see, she pretty much has a perfect body with perfect curves as well. Let’s get to see the action go down in this one as we bet that you guys are eager to see the sexy woman in some JohnPersons action as well.

This babe unsurprisingly won, and you get to see her getting her little crown and flowers at the end of the swimsuit section of the contest. You just need to take a good look at that body once and you will know why she won we’re sure. Well she wasn’t done yet, as she wanted to show off her appreciation to the guys for choosing her. So you get to see her show off her curves as she poses sensually and sexy on the stage in her bikini outfit. And sure enough, you’ll also see her taking the said bikini set off to show off her nude body too. Anyway, we hope that you enjoyed your stay and we will see you soon with more content!


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Ritual Worship

Hey there once more everyone. John Persons knows you what you love to see and you know that this is the best place to get to see it as well. We have some sexy babes in every scene that you get to watch enjoying some nice and big black cocks and this was no different either. And you will remember this cute babe as well we bet. Her name is Kitty, and the last time you got to see her she got to have some alone time with principal Long and his long and hard cock as well. Today you get to see her at work as well as this time she gets busy to motivate other black guys to do their best at classes and study hard as well.


And well, you can already guess what this babe’s mode of operation is, and how she intends to achieve that today. Let’s get around to see her taking interest in this guy as she gets to put her plan to action. Watch her revealing her big juicy tits forts to him and then see her taking off his pants to whip out his huge man meat to play with today. Watch her sucking and slurping on that cock with a passion and by the end of it all see her take a huge load in her mouth and dripping all over her big round tits as well. But most of it she got to swallow like the good nasty little slut that she is anyway. So enjoy this JohnPersons update and see you soon with more!

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John Persons The Plantation

Hey there guys, more new scenes are here for you to check out and they are as hot as always. A few John Persons updates ago you remember seeing a classy slut from the high society as she got to party hard with a group of black studs don’t you? Well today the slutty woman has brought a friend of hers along and the two of them get to forget about their men for the afternoon as they get to have some fun with a black stud’s nice and huge cock this fine day. The series is called JohnPersons The Plantation and you can be sure that this will be quite the amazing on going comic too. Let’s sit back and enjoy seeing the two ladies enjoy some cock today shall we?

Our two lovely noble ladies, get to show off once more just how their manners get forgotten if you just give them the cock that they want. And as they got naked for this guy, they got to take off their dresses to reveal that the only things underneath those skirts, was just a nice and sexy corset and a pair of stockings as well. You get to see them playing with one another’s huge and round boobs in front of the guy and he gets more and more hard. When the cock was standing at attention, you get to watch them doing a nice and superb double blowjob for him, with both using their tongues and lips on that hard cock of his too!



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Nurse Check Up

John Persons is back with more shows for you to see and enjoy once more. This week we have quite the sexy and kinky nurse babe that gets to do a “thorough” examination of a black stud’s package today. Well she does love it every time that she gets a stud like that to drop by for a physical as she does enjoy taking her time to play with their nice and big cocks and balls too. And lucky for her, this was just such a day too. Let’s get to take the time to see the babe be very thorough with her JohnPersons examination for this one as well as she gets to take her time with this stud’s simply humongous package for the afternoon shall we?


The sexy nurse has some very impressive curves on her body, with an obvious impressive set of huge tits that always try to escape her tight shirt, a short cut dress and a sexy round as. She also has short brown hair and bright green eyes too. She starts the examination by having the guy straight up drop his pants. And of course, she likes what she sees too. She starts to play with his cock and balls and you can see her continue until she manages to have the dude’s cock rock solid too and ready to play. Sit back and watch her giving him a nice titty fuck with those nice and big round tits until he shoots his load all over them too. Bye bye!

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