Halloween Treat Part 2

Today John Persons comes back yet again. And once more we have a themed update. You will also remember this cute babe from a few updates ago too. The brunette is back in action for this one and it seems that she wanted to get herself some Halloween treats. Of course that would be chocolate, but it was also cocks. She threw a party once more and this time she had her eyes on two studs that got to pound her pussy hard last time and she was going to get them to do that once more. Let’s take the time to sit back and enjoy this fresh JohnPersons update with the sexy and lusty brunette that loves to fuck hard shall we?

When she got too horny to wait around, she just grabbed the two studs and took them to her room. They got naked really quick as they knew what was coming and rest assured that they got rock hard already when they took the time to appreciate her even more, wearing that simply splendid dress of hers. See her undressing while she strokes both of their cocks and sucks on them to get them nice and lubed and then you can see her get even dirtier. Watch her getting herself double fucked once more in this scene and see her moaning loudly in pleasure through the whole thing. We will be back next week with another new scene!

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