The Pit Hood

John Persons has the best sit around, featuring tons of sexy babes in some kinky interracial action. BE sure that you can find only the best of the best of that type of sex in these comics and you always need to visit every week to see the new issues. Well, to start off, we bring you one busty and sexy blonde that got to take a trip in the wrong part of the hood and by the end of it she got to experience more than just a leisurely evening walk. Let’s take the time to check out her sexual action scene this afternoon as she meets a big black dude packing quite the huge cock as well.

The babe was also wearing quite the enticing and sexy outfit as well, so it’s no real surprise why this guy wanted to bang her nice and hard this fine evening. Rest assured that she knew how hot she looked and in the end, she always kind of wanted to try on some big black meat too. As soon as the two start to get kinky, the babe is lifted up upside down as the guy wants to start off by eating that perky pink pussy. Of course this gets the babe more in the mood and she also starts to work his huge shaft with her juicy lips too. Si enjoy seeing this kinky woman get into some wild interracial action today and be sure to check back frequently for the next issue!


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Black Gang Banger Fuck

We come here with some new and fresh JohnPersons scenes that we know you will enjoy. And you can bet that you will be able to find the most amazing scenes only here from now on everybody. To start off we have a superb little blonde with a very sexy and tight outfit that kind of got herself into a bit of trouble this afternoon. Well it wasn’t really trouble as she ended up having quite a little bit of fun herself for the scene too. So let’s take the time to watch her in action as she gets to have some nice and thick big black cock all to herself without delay today shall we? We can guarantee that you will just adore seeing this blonde in action.

The scene has this lovely babe getting around to take a nice and long stroll through the hood. Of course, soon some black studs take note of her and the catcalling begins. And rest assured that she kind of enjoyed the attention as well from them. She decided to go play with them for a bit, so you get to watch her as she lets the grope her big round tits too and as they lift up her skirt, they reveal her simply perfect round ass too. After all that tease, you get to watch the babe bend over and she takes a nice and deep pussy pounding from their huge cocks in turns as well for the rest of the scene. Enjoy it and see you guys soon!



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JohnPersons – Wendy’s Blowjob

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new johnpersons update as usual. As you know, this marvelous site is the best place to come and visit when you want to check out some sexy cartoon babes fucking hard and nasty in every issue. Rest assured that we intend to make that happen for a nice and long while after this too. Anyway, this scene brings you the hot cartoon slut named Wendy and she also gets her time to shine in this issue as she gets to suck some thick black cock herself. Let’s just get her show going and see this gorgeous woman with nice and big round tits getting a nice face fuck today shall we?


So to start off, she was at the beach. And she was purposefully wearing a very very revealing and sexy purple bikini, in hopes of attracting attention from guys. Of course she did and particularly of a black stud that was seemingly getting excited in his pants, and his cock kept growing, which impressed this babe. Long story short, the two go to a more private spot behind some rocks and once there, you can see her starting to suck his member with a passion. She’s just so amazing at sucking and deep throating cock and you get to see her take a mouth full of jizz as he blasts his load inside her mouth at the end too. Enjoy it and see you soon, and don’t forget to check out the past galleries for even more juicy content!

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The Hunt Comics

This week’s gallery is here and you get to see some more classy john person comics action in this one as always. And we have a juicy blonde that’s ready to party hard and take as many black cocks as she can for the afternoon. Well, just sit back and enjoy the view of this simply amazing and juicy scene with her as she gets to be the center part of a superb interracial gangbang today. So let’s not delay as we bet that you guys and gals want to see her take cocks from every side today without delay too. And be sure that it’s well worth it to check it out and see what’s going down in this one with this lovely blonde mature here!

To start off, you can bet that the guys are quite impressed with this chick’s amazing body and they are very very eager themselves to get their hands all over this lady too. So first things first, you get to see her letting them fondle her big round and juicy tits and then starts to suck them off. As she wraps her lips on two cocks at the same time, the third one gets to start plowing her anally, so you can see her riding that cock reverse cowgirl style while she takes a huge man meat up the ass too. Rest assured that everyone got a turn to fuck her today and all you need to do is check out the whole gallery in it’s entirety today. We’ll see you next week with more!


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John Persons Comic

Today’s superb and hot john persons comic is here and you can bet it’s smoking hot just like all the others we’ve had here. In this one you get to see a sexy and sensual cartoon babe with short, jet black hair that gets to suck some fine black cock in an alleyway and naturally you get full access to the show. Let’s sit back and enjoy the view of this lovely babe as she gets down and dirty and you can enjoy a show with a busty beauty using her luscious and juicy lips to make this guy feel like in heaven while she sucks his thick cock today. Well, let’s not delay any longer and let’s just get the show going with her to see her in some nasty action!

john-persons-comic The superb babe was wearing a front tie top, a skirt and her knee socks. She was also quick to let the guy manhandle her as he got all touchy feely with her sexy ass and you get to see her pussy teased while he takes off her panties too. Well the best part is to come of course and you get to see this cutie kneeling down and whipping out that huge man meat out of the guy’s pants. And she is quite the cock sucking expert as can be seen as soon as the meat touches her lips. You get to see her doing everything with hit, licking, sucking, all sloppy and amazing and we bet you’ll want to see more. Well stick around and maybe you’ll get to see another update with this lovely woman in the future as well. Until then we’ll bring you more superb porn comics!

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John Persons XXX

Hey there everyone. We’re here as usual with a new john persons xxx gallery update and it’s all ready for yu to check out as usual. And another blonde cutie is here to show off her skills and she will look really familiar to you. Both her and the guy she gets to play with. Either way, she has short blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and sporting quite the amazingly hot and sexy looking dress as well. She gets to play with this black stud’s cock all afternoon long and you get to sit back and enjoy the show for the whole afternoon here today. Let’s get it going and let’s watch her show off her sexual skills without any more delays shall we?

As you can probably guess, the blonde is suppose to be Marilyn Monroe and she’s getting to play with the president it seems. Well, it seems that this version of Miss Monroe here is quite sluttier than her real life counterpart and as soon as she gets her one on one session with the guy she whips out his cock and starts to suck him off. Just take your time to see her juicy lips working that huge black cock expertly and when it gets to the end, you can see her taking a nice and huge jizz load all over her face too. So enjoy the view and we’ll be seeing you all soon with some more all new and all fresh updates. Bye bye for now guys and have fun!


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John Persons Interracial

Hey there guys. We’ve got all new and hot John Persons interracial comics here to show you just as usual and you can bet that you’ll be in for quite the show with this one. You get to see one more lustful blonde babe getting herself some black cock and it’s quite the sizable member as well as you will see. But that works out just perfect for her as she’s very very much in love with the idea of huge black cocks filling her snatch. So let’s watch her spreading her legs and taking a nice and deep missionary style plowing today as her pussy gets to reach the heights of pleasure with this black stud that she got all to herself in the barn for the afternoon.

john-persons-interracial As the babe and the guy start their little one on one party in the barn, you can see that the lovely hottie was horny as hell and quite ready to fuck as well. The guy of course was more than happy to cater to her needs this afternoon, so take your time to see the horny blonde letting him undress her and play with her big and round natural titties. Soon enough, her pussy gets all the attention that it needs and you can see that monster cock stretching her wet cunt nice and wide. And at the end of it all, this cute blonde’s pussy was dripping man juice, that’s how full she got of his cum. Anyway, enjoy the show and come back later for more new updates!

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John Persons Gallery

We have a superb and fresh john persons gallery update to show you this fine afternoon and you just have to sit back and check it out everyone. We bring you a comic issue with a hot and sexy blonde getting a hard dicking from two black studs this afternoon and she loves every single second of having those dicks plow her wet and tight pussy nice and deep too. Strap yourselves in and get ready to experience the superb show and you can watch this beauty getting to moan in pleasure while she gets her sweet pussy double fucked for your entertainment. We bet you’re eager to check it out so let’s get the cameras rolling without delay today and see the action.

You can see the blonde babe take her time to undress the two guys and she seems very pleased to see that they were both packing some really large black cocks. She was going to get them all to herself today and she was ecstatic about it. So watch her sucking them off to make sure that they are rock hard and then you can see her laying on her back and spreading her long sexy legs for them. You’ll get to watch her fucked nice and hard by the two guys in turns and the whole issue is just a blast to get through. See you all next week with more new updates too, and until then make sure that you enjoy this one thoroughly with the lustful and kinky blonde!



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