John Persons Comics

We’re back and we have some more juicy john persons comics to show off to you all today. Today we get to show off the sexy and hot little lady named Kitty as she gets to have some fun at college for the afternoon. She’s a slutty and eager blonde just like all the other babes around here so you can bet that some superb cock sucking was involved in this scene as well. Either way, you get to sit back and relax as miss Kitty here does her thing and blows some hard black cock with her juicy and luscious lips too. Well, let’s get it all started as we bet that you all are eager to see this amazing and lovely carton teen in some action.

This afternoon she was particularly horny and feeling very kinky so the first guy she cam across was perfect for her need. She takes the stud to the lockers and once there, you get to watch her whip out his massive black cock as the guy knows full well who this is and what she likes to do. Her bright blue eyes maintain contact with his huge cock as she sucks him off and after she’s gotten that cock diamond hard, you can see her spreading her legs and taking a dicking from the guys too. So enjoy Kitty and her little sexcapades this afternoon and we’ll have more new updates for you next week. We’ll be seeing you then everyone, so goodbye for now!


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Blonde Handling 3 Cocks

Another fresh week and time for another update. As you know, the John Persons site is home to the best animated and cartoon porn on the internet and today there’s another fresh scene for you to see without delay. This one features quite the amazingly hot and sexy blonde cock handler. Yes that is her job and she is an expert at doing that. Today you get to see the babe put those hard earned skills to use as she gets to have some fine black cocks to work on. And there’s no less than three of them to have fun with. Let’s get to check her out without delay as we bet that you are also eager to see this amazing woman in action today.


As soon as the cameras start to roll, you get to see this chick making her entry and lo an behold she was sporting quite the amazing and sexy outfit too. It was a blue shirt with a knee long black dress and underneath of course, she was packing the sexiest black lingerie that you can ever see. All that clothing though, did little to none to hide her voluptuous body and she still looks like a sexy bomb. So check her out dropping to her knees to start sucking and see her doing her amazing blowjobs with her juicy lips for all three guys that presented their hard and eager cocks today. Have fun with it as always and see you next week!

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Blonde Handling 3 Cocks Part 2

Hey there guys and gals, John Persons is back again today with all new updates. Well you know that we’ve had some 3D babes around the place in some past updates right? well we have another one for this afternoon and she’s a blonde that has insatiable thirst for big black cocks too. She is what you would call a cock handler and this fine day, you can watch her play around with three huge black dicks to the delight of the guys. No worries as she’s an expert at the job and always likes to make sure that the guys are satisfied with the service. Anyway, let’s sit back and watch her get into some kinky action with them shall we?

We wanted to bring you part two of this babe’s scene today as fast as possible as we are very thankful for you guys following us for so long and be sure that this scene with the blonde is as hot as the last. As soon as the action started off, the guys whip out their rock hard cocks and the babe gets them all to herself to work on them. Take the time to see this slut using her juicy lips and expert hands to stroke the meat poles and also watch her as she deep throats and sucks them too. By the end of it all she ends up all covered in jizz and pleased with the job that she did. We’ll be back again next week with another new update everyone!


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John Persons – Boxing Babe

Time to see another new and hot John Persons update like always. This time we take a visit to a gym where a couple decided to show off in the wrong place. You see there was a boxing ring and the chick’s boyfriend decided to brag with his fighting style as well. Seeing his superb looking blonde girlfriend, this black stud challenged him to a match. But he also made a bet with him, so if he’d win he’d get to have his lady for the afternoon and do whatever he wants to her. Overconfident as he was, the guy agreed and the two stepped into the ring to have their match. Well you can pretty much guess how this went down but lets see it anyway.


Like we mentioned, the guy was overconfident in his skills and in a single round and a single punch, he got knocked out cold. Well that’s good for him since he probably didn’t want to see his woman fucked by big black cock anyway. Well the babe was still impressed with the whole thing and now more than ever she was ready to give up her sweet pussy and ass to this black stud. Watch her getting on her knees to suck that monster cock with her juicy lips and then see her bent over and fucked doggie style on the side of the ring. It’s an amazing comic, so make sure to read it end to end everyone. We’ll see you next week with more!

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Halloween Treat Part 2

Today John Persons comes back yet again. And once more we have a themed update. You will also remember this cute babe from a few updates ago too. The brunette is back in action for this one and it seems that she wanted to get herself some Halloween treats. Of course that would be chocolate, but it was also cocks. She threw a party once more and this time she had her eyes on two studs that got to pound her pussy hard last time and she was going to get them to do that once more. Let’s take the time to sit back and enjoy this fresh JohnPersons update with the sexy and lusty brunette that loves to fuck hard shall we?

When she got too horny to wait around, she just grabbed the two studs and took them to her room. They got naked really quick as they knew what was coming and rest assured that they got rock hard already when they took the time to appreciate her even more, wearing that simply splendid dress of hers. See her undressing while she strokes both of their cocks and sucks on them to get them nice and lubed and then you can see her get even dirtier. Watch her getting herself double fucked once more in this scene and see her moaning loudly in pleasure through the whole thing. We will be back next week with another new scene!


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Nasty Teen

Another fresh week and time to check out a new John Persons update like always. This fine day we have another 3D scene with more slutty women getting down and dirty and this one is quite hot as all the others. You see, this blonde teen here was always curious to see a nice and big black cock and she got her chance to see one today as she had a guest over at the house. Be sure that she didn’t have to do too much to get this guy to show off his huge gun to her as she looks simply amazing too. Thing is that she’s engaged already, but as the dude said it, there’s no problem with having a little fun on the side, now is there?


That clicked instantly with this babe and agreeing with him, you can bet that more naughty stuff got to go down. Of course it started with her taking a nice and long look at his big hard cock and she then asked him if she could touch it for a bit. Naturally the guy let her play with it, and the babe was getting more and more horny herself and thinking if she could take all that cock in her sweet pussy. Well there was only one way to find out and so they did. Sit back and watch this cutie take a ride on his cock for this afternoon as she bounces up and down. It’s an amazing scene and let’s hope there will be more issues with the babe!

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Halloween Treat Part 3

This week we have something a little bit different to show you. This time we have a John Persons brunette engaging in wild interracial fucking with some well endowed studs and of course, like usual you get prime access to see it all go down without delay. This brunette with long hair and blue eyes always wanted to have a four way with guys packing huge cocks and thanks to these dudes she can fulfill her fantasy without delay. She has a sizzling hot body that makes every guy turn their heads and even babes too, and be sure that she knows that full well. So let the cameras roll and let’s see this sweet little lady getting herself some hard cock.

As the JohnPersons scene starts off, you get to see her present the already naked dudes with her little strip show of sorts. And even though she likes what she sees in terms of dicks as she got them hard, be sure that they were even happier to see this sexy babe’s simply amazing nude body today. That perfect pair of huge tits, that thin waist, that wet and eager pussy and that round ass just made them want her even more. Watch this slutty brunette begging the guys to double fuck her harder and harder this afternoon and do come back soon for some more all new and all fresh scenes. We will be right here waiting for you so stay tuned!


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John Persons The Pit Hood

The blonde babe with a passion for casual sex is back in this brand new issue from John Persons for this superb afternoon. The last two times you saw this glorious babe in action she got herself in a bit of trouble…Well not from what she thinks of, but anyway. The blonde lady has a passion for big and hard black cocks and she started off with one dude that gave her a nice and hard dicking that time. Then she got to bang his buddies later as well as she got fucked gang bang style and now she’s back yet again for another dicking. Let’s take the time to see her enjoying herself one more time and see her getting nasty.


Right away as the guy lays eyes on her, he knows what she wants. And of course, the babe is wearing her usual naughty and kinky pink outfit. One must say that this skin tight dress does make her look incredible and it does draw attention to her perfect pair of tits and that sexy ass plus her long legs too. Anyway, the guy just grabs her under his shoulder and takes her to their special little place behind the building. Once more she gets the chance to work that meat shaft with her juicy lips to get it rock hard and once she’s done with that, you can see her tight wet pussy stretched nice and wide by the dude’s huge cock once again. Bye bye and have fun with this JohnPersons update!

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Taboo Art

Hey there once more everyone, and welcome to a brand new and hot John Persons update. You will remember the hot blonde chick that was strutting down the street and she had her fun one with black dude last time. Well this time she is back for more like the cock hungry slut that she is and this time she wanted to catch the eye of more than one dude. That worked like a charm as 3 black dudes noticed this beauty strutting her stuff about and they were going to give her the black meat that she wants so desperately for this fine evening. Let’s get this started and see the hot blonde in action again as she gets to spend her evening with these “gentlemen”.

john-persons-taboo-art The trio didn’t take long to notice this beauty and started to cat call her. Well pretending she wasn’t interested she still enjoyed all the attention though. Long story short, she made sure to lead them on to a more private street corner where they could fuck. Sit back and watch the babe getting around to service all of those nice and big black dicks with her juicy lips. Though you can bet that oral wasn’t the only thing that she was stellar at, so you also get to see this sexy babe fucked in every hole that she has for the afternoon. Have fun with it and do come back soon for more all new and hot updates! We will be seeing you then everyone!

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John Persons Interracial Encounter

Hey there guys, John Persons is back this day with all new scenes. We bring you some more interracial action with another lusty blonde that gets to enjoy the fine black meat that some studs give her, but not only that, she gets to do it all in front of her husband. The two came at a party and it seems that most of the people there were black guys. Sure enough, the black studs seem very interested in this superb blonde as she packs the sexiest body that they ever got to see so far there. By the time that all of this was over, the slutty babe sure got her fill of nice and big black cock too.


At one point during the party the dude noticed that the guys get more and more daring with his woman and they were groping her to her delight more and more. She sure loved the rough attention that they were giving her perky round tits and her sexy ass and with the guy watching they straight up rip her panties off too. Of course she was ready too and you can see the slutty woman bend over and take it in the ass. Sit back and watch her moan loudly in front of her husband as she gets fucked anally nice and deep today and have fun with the scene. We will come back next week with another new and fresh JohnPersons update everyone.

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