Kinky Blonde Blowing

Another fresh week and time for another new and hot John Persons update as always. We know that you just adore seeing blonde sexy babes getting around to have some fun with big black cocks and so we bring you some more today. It’s kind of a special update just for you guys and gals for following us for so long and enjoying all of the scenes around here. So we wanted to bring you this scene right here. Take your time to see another white slut as she gets around to have herself some nice and fresh black cock and do take your time to see her in action as she gets to suck it nice and long this afternoon!

For her JohnPersons scene, the blonde can be seen really eager to get to have some cock all to herself and you can bet that she didn’t have to take long to get this black guy interested in her…well needs. He was more than happy to offer up his cock to her to have fun with, so sit back and watch him whip out his huge cock for her to play with. You get to see her wrapping those luscious lips around his big cock and doing quite the wonderful job to suck and slurp on it, making the guy moan in pleasure. You get to see him shoot his load right into her mouth when he blows and being the good slut that she is she swallows it all as well. Enjoy it and see you next time!


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John Persons Nasty Jenny

Hey there once more guys and gals. We know you’ve been waiting to see another new John Persons scene and we’re here to show off some more to you. In this scene you get to see Jenny, a very close relative of the other blonde babe with big round tits that you’ve gotten to see around here by the name of Kitty, and in her scene this afternoon, you get to watch her as she gets to show off just how much of a black cock slut she is as well. Guess Kitty is truly a cop of the old block huh. Anyway, this busty and beautiful MILF knows her way around cocks way better than Kitty and we think that you will just adore seeing her at play today.

john-persons-jenny-with-two-cocks The JohnPersons scene starts off, with the superbly hot and busty mature babe Jenny in her office. She was waiting for coach Black to drop by to have some sweet fun fucking in her office, and meanwhile she was pleasing her pussy with a nice and big dildo. Well some one did come to her, but it was the dude’s buddies, not him. Well, the babe was going crazy at how horny she was so she would take whatever she could get anyway about now. Watch the simply superb and beautiful woman as she gets around to suck on the two big cocks to get them rock hard today while the guys got the privilege to get around to play with her nice and big tits as well!

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Blonde Gets Jizzed

Well we are back once more for you and we bring you more John Persons comics to see this scene as well. For this update you get to see how classy ladies like to party with well endowed black studs and it’s quite the scene to watch closely today rest assured. What can we say, it’s quite impressive to see a sexy lady of status as she gets to get down and dirty with some studs as long as they have nice and big cocks and rest assured that as pretty as she is, that’s how slutty she gets when she gets to fuck as well. Also do check out some past scenes as well and see more blondes having big black cocks all to themselves as well.

Anyway, let’s get back to our scene and see the blonde slut in action as first things first she strips down to her corset and stockings, showing off her big round titties, her sexy round ass and pink pussy for the guys. You get to see her taking her time to suck their nice and big cocks while the guys get to decide who gets to fuck her pussy. Well as soon as they do that, you get to watch the blonde continuing to suck off two of the others while the third one takes his time to slide his huge cock in her cunt too, making her moan in pleasure. Enjoy it thoroughly today everyone and do stay tuned for more JohnPersons scenes next week as per usual okay?


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John Persons Hot Black Coach

Here we are once again with more new and hot John Persons galleries for you guys to see everyone. In this one we have some more interracial action going down as you get to see a nice and sexy petite babe with short brown hair as she gets around to have some fun with her coach this afternoon. She may not be packing big round tits, but she’s really cute and she has a nice and sexy curvy ass to show off anyway. Well, it seems that this babe had her eyes on the dude for quite a while, but never properly got to spend some time with the guy and get to have fun with him. But today all that changed and her fantasies came true as you’ll see.


After spots class today, she made sure to take notice when the guy would go to the changing room all by himself and she followed suite. Once there she did take her time to peek around and what she saw really impressed her. Namely the coaches’ big black cock. Well at that point she made her entry and started to flirt. And rest assured that she had no trouble in getting that nice and big black cock rock hard with her juicy lips as well. Watch the rest of the scene as well and see the coach rewarding the cute babe with a nice and hard anal fucking as well by end as a reward for such a good cock sucking session earlier too!

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Principal Long

Well we’re back this fine afternoon with another new John Persons scene for you to see and as always it’s simply amazing. We get to see the sexy and hot cheerleader Kitty as she gets into a bit of trouble this afternoon and as you can observe, she ended up in the principal’s office for the afternoon. This slutty and sexy blonde babe is about to get a scolding of a more special variety and of course, you get to see it all only here as well. Let’s get to take the time to see Kitty and principal Long get to the bottom of their discussion and see them coming to an agreement by the end of it too. So let’s check the scene out and see the action.

Like we said, Kitty was invited to the office. As soon as she got there, the principal made it clear that the babe would be in for some punishment today for being very very naughty. Well she figured out what this was all about as soon as the guy had her strip and show off her simply superb and sexy body curves. After that the guy got to whip out his cock as well, and you can rest assured that Kitty got to learn why his name is mr. Long today too. Take your time to see things going wild in the office with them and take your time to see the cute and busty babe Kitty pounded by the huge cock of principal Long this whole scene too!


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Halloween Treat

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot John Persons update today. This comic strip features some sexy 3D scenes with a superbly sexy and hot brunette babe that packs quite the amazing and sexy body curves too. Today you get to see her party hard with three black studs in a impromptu meet up for the Halloween. You see, the guys came by to “trick or treat” and it seems that treats will be the main dish for tonight. They know that this sexy and beautiful woman just moved here recently and they were just too eager to get to party hard style with her in this nice scene today. So let’s watch the action go down.


Rest assured that the babe knew what was up when the guys showed up at her door too. They did say trick or treat, and well the babe was more than down for treats too. And the guys brought along their chocolate poles for her to enjoy too. Watch the action go down in the living room and see as the beauty gets around to undress for them as she puts on quite the hot and kinky strip show. They take good care of her, kissing and caressing her whole body first as she rested on a chair, but after that it was time to party. So take your time to sit back and enjoy watching her taking three black cocks in her scene today everyone! Bye for now guys!

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Slumber Party

Well this week’s new JohnPersons scene sure is a hot one to watch everyone. In this scene you get to see a sexy and hot teen babe with short dark brown hair as she gets to have some fun with three black studs that happen to be the buddies of another babe that she had over. The other babe is a cheerleader for the basketball team and as you can see she has it pretty well with the studs. The thing is that they needed a place to crash for tonight and it seems that the babe had them over. Well three of them got to spend the night with this babe in her room and you can bet that lots of fun things went down.

Either way this is one superb John Persons scene as the three guys made sure to take real good care of this petite babe for the evening too. When the time went to go to sleep, the babe changed into her pj’s but the guys just stripped off and stayed naked. They said that they didn’t bring anything to wear so this would have to do. Well you can be sure that the teen was impressed with the size of their nice and big cocks and she was more than happy to get around to have fun with them too. See the babe getting taught by the guys how to stroke their huge cocks today and enjoy the interracial fuck scene with her this fine evening. Bye bye!


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Sexy Daphne Dare

Today it’s time to check out a new and hot John Persons comic book series and rest assured that this one is quite nice and hot as well. The series is called Daphne Dare and do make sure to follow it from now on if you want to see one hot and horny blonde getting around to have all kinds of sexual adventures in the jungle. This first issue has her take her first black cocks ever there as well as she gets found by some tribesmen that were out for a hunt. And well, let’s just say that since she got lost she also managed to lose all of her clothes as well. So let’s get to it and watch Daphne Dare in action with this first issue here.


Well like JohnPersons said, you are about to have quite a lot of fun with this nice and sexy nude babe. Before she knew it, she was surprised by three black men that wore little clothing, but were proudly displaying some serious cocks as they came out of the bushes. And she also noticed that they got rock hard at the sight of her simply amazing nude body too. Well you know what happens next, the babe doesn’t waste time to get to work on the cocks and so you can see her sucking them off to prep their cocks for her sweet and eager pussy this fine evening. Have fun with it as always and see you guys next week with more!

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Cum and Blow Me

Hey there once more everyone. We have a new and hot John Persons comic to show off to you and we know that you will adore this one as well. You get to see some guest art in this one as we have here the work of some other people featuring more of JP’s character’s getting into very kinky scenes with nice and huge cocks every time. So let’s take the time to check this one out as well as in this one you get to see a short haired babe with brown hair and blue eyes as she gets around to use her mouth in order to provide this guy with some oral pleasing for the rest of the scene shall we? we know you want to see it too.

The scene has her taking a walk outside as well and as you can see she was wearing her sexy skirt today along with a nice and sexy tight sweater as well. The trick is that she wasn’t wearing any lingerie underneath and this guy sure took notice of that as well. To be honest, the babe was kind of looking to go wild and let loost herself, so without too much talking you get to see the two retreat to a more private spot where this cute babe drops to her knees and starts to suck and slurp on his huge black cock. Take your time to see her sucking and then watch her get a mouthful of jizz when the guy shoots his load too!


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Club Dancer Gets 3 Cocks

Hey there everyone. We are back with more John Persons classy comics for you to see and as always they are just amazing to see. In this new scene you get to see one hot and horny blonde babe that gets to spend the evening with no less than three black studs with nice and big cocks. Well what can we say, this scene is sure to make you want to see more and rest assured that there will be more in the future as well. Anyway, let’s just check out this scene as you simply must take a look at the sexy and beautiful blonde babe taking care of the three studs and their nice and big cocks today everyone. So let’s get started!


The cute and sexy stripper blonde just got off work and as you will see, she was sporting her sexy and skin tight outfit for this one. Take your time to watch her as she takes the stroll back home through the hood. Long story short she eventually gets to have some fun with a nice and big black stud. But just as soon as things get interesting, it seems that the dude’s buddies dropped by to check up on him. Well you can bet that the sexy little blonde babe eventually ended up spending some unforgettable moments with all three of them letting each of them fuck that nice and tight wet pussy of hers this fine afternoon! Enjoy it and do come back next week for some more new and hot JohnPersons galleries!

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